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Aircraft Interior Rug & Upholstery Cleaner

A powerful, safe, dry foam aircraft interior rug and upholstery shampoo that cleans carpets, rugs and upholstery without excessive "wetting out." Special soil retardant agents make fibers stay cleaner, longer. Works fast!

Enzymatic L

Aircraft Trap & Drain Cleaner

Trap and drain cleaner for aircrafts and facilities. Contains synergized bacteria-enzyme concentrate that clears and prevents clogged, smelly, sluggish traps and drains. Enzymatic is a 100% active and pure blend of bacterial enzymes that works faster and longer than dangerous caustic chemicals. Regular use saves on aircraft repair and maintenance costs plus keeps drains and traps free-flowing and odor free.

Super Vinall

Aircraft Exterior Cleaner & Degreaser

Multi-purpose aircraft exterior wash. With its incredible dilution ratios it will remove carbon and hydraulic fluid buildup from aircraft fuselage areas, degrease aircraft parts, etc. It can also be used as an aircraft interior cleaner with the power to clean the most stubborn dirt and grime with dilution ratios that are hard to believe. It will save time, money and man power. We guarantee it!


Aircraft Exterior Cleaner with Wax

Ready to use exterior aircraft wash-n-wax. Blend of synthetic detergents and emulsifiers specially formulated for use in automatic or hand washing systems. Leaves exterior aircraft paint looking like new with no wiping necessary.

Formula 12+

Concrete & Asphalt Runway Derubberizing Compound

Lifts rubber particles from asphalt and concrete runways. Contains no acid.