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General Services Administration Contract (GSA)

Mirandy’s complete line of aircraft cleaner products and maintenance chemicals are available through a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Contract GS-O7F-0242J.

To order any of these products, call Mirandy at 1 (800) 344-5637.

Mirabowl Q Aircraft Lav Cleaner

Mirabowl Q

Our premiere aircraft lav fluid. The only aircraft lavatory degerm, deodorizer, tank, bowl and pump cleaner that controls odors for up to fifteen hours. This product cleans recirculating pumps and filters, as well as flush rings and bowls. Mirabowl descales and removes sludge from holding tanks. As a result, maintenance costs on pump repair and replacement are reduced by up to 95%. Mirabowl Q Conforms to the Following Specifications: Boeing D6-17487, AMS 1476b, CSD-3, W.H.O. Requirements, and the Air Canada 3125-00-002 Microbial Test.

Sizes NSN# MFR Part#
55 gallon drums 7930-01-420-3593 MBQL01
6 x 1 Gallon Case 7930-01-436-7089 MBQL03
12 x 1 Quarts

(Can be carried on aircraft for locations where aircraft is not serviceable. Just pour in and refresh the lav system.)

Mirabowl Q C Aircraft Lav Cleaner

Mirabowl Q C

This seven gallon pail of concentrated Mirabowl Q makes a 55 gallon drum. The dilution is 150 parts water to one part concentrate, subsequently keeping storage problems to a minimum. This product is also great for large capacity lav servicing trucks.

Sizes NSN# MFR Part#
7 Gallon Pail

(Concentrated. Makes 55 gallon drum.)

7930-01-436-7958 MBQC07
Air-Brite Cones Aircraft Interior Odor Neutralizer

Air-Brite Cones

A pleasantly scented odor neutralizer that controls odors for up to 30 days. The disk conveniently fits in a bracket that can be suspended in a discreet location. This product can be used in aircraft lavatories or anywhere that odor is a constant problem.

Sizes NSN# MFR Part#
Air-Brite Cone Holders

Air Brite Cone Holders

A small plastic bracket designed to hold our Air-Brite Cones. The bracket is pre-drilled with two screw holes for easy mounting, or it can be adhered anywhere odor is a problem with double sided tape.

Sizes NSN# MFR Part#
Resolv Aircraft Interior Wipes

Resolv Wipes

A powerful, yet safe way to remove graffiti from aircraft interiors.

Sizes NSN# MFR Part#
Rosebowl Aircraft Lavatory Bowl Cleaner


An emulsion type concentrated aircraft lavatory bowl cleaner, which contains a high concentration.

Sizes NSN# MFR Part#
Plush Aircraft Interior Rug & Room Deodorizer


A dry, pleasantly fresh-scented aircraft and aircraft facility rug and room deodorizer that is used with any vacuum cleaner to freshen both the carpet and room in one quick step.

Sizes NSN# MFR Part#
Drainzall 20 Citrus

Drainzall 20 Citrus

May be used in drains, septic tanks, pipes, waste systems, cesspools, grease traps and sewage lagoons to quickly reduce all waste accumulation. This powerful concentrate will also revitalize sluggish disposals, increase drainage composite while controlling odors.

Sizes NSN# MFR Part#
55 Gallon Drum   D20WC1
5 Gallon Pail   D20WC2
6x1 Gallon Case   D20WC3
Super Vinall Aircraft Cleaner

Super Vinall

A highly concentrated aqueous product for aircraft, vehicle and general purpose cleaning. It removes carbon and hydraulic fluid build-up from aircraft fuselage areas, degreases gears and aircraft parts, removes graffiti from cargo pit walls and cleans soiled surfaces. It is non-toxic, safe to use and has extremely flexible dilution ratios.

Sizes NSN# MFR Part#
55 Gallon Drum   SV01
5 Gallon Pail   SV02
6x1 Gallon Case   SV03

To order any of these products, call Mirandy at 1 (800) 344-5637.

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