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Mirabowl Q - Aircraft Lavatory System Cleaner

Mirabowl Q - Aircraft Lavatory System Cleaner

Mirabowl Q stands alone as the only effective 15 hour aircraft lavatory system cleaner and deodorizer. By combining aggressive cleaning agents found to be effective in eliminating bacteria, we have implemented a state of the art technology to create Mirabowl Q - the most cost effective aircraft lav system maintenance cleaner in the world today.

The difference between Mirabowl Q and all other aircraft lav cleaners is that it also contains water softeners, burnishing agents and other active ingredients which protect the entire system from fouling and calcification. This means that all o-rings, hoses, seals, and other parts of the system are protected and require less maintenance than when exposed to other products. It is no longer necessary to use up to five different types of aircraft cleaners to accomplish what Mirabowl Q does alone.

Prevent & Eliminate Aircraft Lav Pump Failure as Much as 95%

Major advantages in cost savings are accomplished with 95% less unscheduled maintenance on the entire system, along with once a day servicing of aircraft, instead of servicing aircraft at every touchdown. The tremendous savings in less downtime and manpower will be impacted on a daily basis. As hard as this may be to believe, it is confirmed by our network of devoted customers.

This is good time for you to try Mirabowl Q aircraft lav cleaner in your daily operation and reap the savings that airlines the world over are enjoying.

Mirabowl Q Conforms to the Following Specifications:

Boeing D6-17487, AMS 1476b, CSD-3, W.H.O. Requirements, and the Air Canada 3125-00-002 Microbial Test.